Medico legal training program is to make doctors aware of their negligence and how it can lead to lawsuits.It is a programme wherein the trainers will provide resources to doctors and/ or other health care professionals who may be asked to write a statement or report, provide evidence for the first time to a coroner or other court. As we are well aware of the fact, being ignored leads to litigation and even causes a drastic situation difficult to handle by a doctor himself. In such real life situations, you can provide a helping hand to the doctors as a medico legal trainer. Literally no one knows the cause behind such negligence. With a full proof understanding of the legal problem the situation can be easily prevented in time. Upskill your profession with medico legal training programmes and assist doctors by being in a professional environment.

Let us know about the basic issues that occur frequently:

Incorrect documentation/ communication, giving wrong drug or injection even after proper instructions, not taking timely and effective care, found busy on phone call, getting irritated or speaking in abusive manner while taking information, providing half or inaccurate information, misconduct by receptionist, PRO, PMO, nurses, / Ayabai/ ward- children/ OT attendants,  forgetting to replace old material with new ones, extremely rude behavior, denying entry to certain visitor/ relatives, mishandling equipment/ machinery. 


Objective of the program

  • Goodwill, Context, Business, Profit Maximization.
  • Developing self control in critical situations.
  • Developing Mental/ Physical ability.
  • Develop communication skills.
  • Develop a presentable format.


Get unlimited access to our learning modules regarding the course. Mock Tests and assessments will be held on a regular basis to track progress of the learner.

Clear up your doubts in the live sessions scheduled on a weekly basis to ensure a profound understanding of the programm


  • Attitude
  • Leadership
  • Global Setting & Achieving
  • Creative & Practical games
  • Time Management
  • Develop a presentable format.


  • Art of Listening
  • Documentation
  • Self Employment
  • Team Working Skills
  • Crisis Management
  • Touch Healing


  • Art of Listening
  • Documentation
  • Self Employment
  • Team Working Skills
  • Crisis Management
  • Touch Healing


  • Purification Process
  • Transaction Analysis
  • And much more..

benefits of the program

  • Good Interpersonal Relationship between Members/ Staff/ Patients and Relatives.
  • The profit of the hospital/ Institutions will increase many times.
  • The productivity/ efficiency of staff members will increase.
  • Cooperation between staff members will increase.
  • The medical neglect will be reduced by 0%.
  • The hospitals will improve the brand image.
  • Hospital credibility will increase.
  • Value for money for customers.
  • Reduce the risk of litigation.

our approach towards educating is learner oriented!

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