Can you survive without having meals the next day? Get why It’s almost impossible to think of a life without foods that support our health and keep us alive. Nutrition is the science behind food nutrients, their study and the evaluation of the close relationship between health, diet and disease. Just like water nourishes plants, nutrients provide nourishment to our body. We at GIVES are organizing a legitimate programme on food and nutrition for the first time in India backed with FSSAI certification.our hands on the most essential diet course and make a healthy living.

We are living in the era where modernisation has come along with increased health consciousness in people. Eating is not only for feeding our taste buds by compromising on health. Educate those around you about types of diet and their importance after mastering the entire food and nutrition course. Help others live a disease free life by providing them proper guidance on food and nutrition. Be energetic and vigorous every hour of the day by learning in depth about the food and nutrition master course. It’s not the time to think, it’s time to take action!


  • To help participants increase their knowledge and awareness of various diseases, foods, nutrients, planning and diet strategies.
  • The importance of getting participants accredited and self-employed as a certified Food and Diet consultant.
  • To help a participant develop effective counseling about success.
  • Creating entrepreneurs and transforming lives. 


  • Explore the hidden entrepreneur in yourself.
  • Become personalized nutrition Consultant and simultaneously increase your income keeping existing Professional/ Services in touch.
  • Map the blueprint of your career Genetare Extra Income 
  • Manage chronic diseases through Diet Consulting 
  • Work as a certified Food & Nutrition Consultant in various Hospital & clinics


Get unlimited access to our learning modules regarding the course. Mock Tests and assessments will be held on a regular basis to track progress of the learner.

Clear up your doubts in the live sessions scheduled on a weekly basis to ensure a profound understanding of the programme.


  • Introduction to basic nutrition
  • Nutrition in life cycle
  • Diseases and nutrition
  • Diet pertaining to chronic diseases
  • Format of diet plan
  • Menu Planning
  • Types of Diet
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Module on how to be a retainer with health care industry


  • Become a personalized nutrition consultant as well as increase your income by keeping in touch with Existing professional / Services.
  • Work as a certified Food and Nutrition consultant in various hospitals and clinics.
  •  Manage chronic Illness through Diet consultant.
  •  Explore the hidden Entrepreneurs in your-self.
  •  Generate extra income.
  •  Map out your career.

our approach towards educating is learner oriented!

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