Intellectual Property rights

How do we ensure that someone’s creation will be safeguarded against plagiarism or any other fradulent act?

By granting intellectual property rights to a person over the use of creativity of their mind. They refer to the rights which protect or disclose invention caused by any intellectual activity in the scientific, industrial, literary or artistic field. Intellectual property rights comprise patents, copyrights, industrial design rights, trademarks, various plant rights, trade dressers, geographical cues and trade secrets in certain jurisdictions. The main objective of intellectual property law was to protect and safeguard the creation to encourage innovation. It has been viewed as welfare of people for the widespread dissemination and improvement of knowledge.

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objective of the program

  • To protect the progress and well-being of humanity which depends on the ability to create and invent new works in the field of technology and culture.
  • Providing information about the legal protection of new creation, which encourages the commitment of additional resources for further exploration.
  • To help participate in the conservation and protection of intellectual property, which results in economic growth, creates new jobs and industries, and promotes quality of life and happiness.
  • To help participants bring in knowledge and awareness of various intellectual property rights and other related rights.


Get unlimited access to our learning modules regarding the course.Mock Tests and assessments will be held on a regular basis to track progress of the learner.

Clear up your doubts in the live sessions scheduled on a weekly basis to ensure a profound understanding of the programme.


  • What is Intellectual Property Rights?
  • What is Patent?
  • What is Trademark?
  • What is Industrial Design?
  • What is Geographical indication?
  • What are Copyrights and the Related Rights?
  • List What is the World Intellectual Property Organization?

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