Courses (Recognized by Government of India)

Medico Legal Courses

Semester I

  • Introduction to judicial system & medico-legal languages
  • Mercantile law
  • Consumer & general principal of laws
  • Taxation law

Semester II

  • Forensic & special law
  • Mercantile law
  • Labour law & health profession
  • Criminal negligence in medical practice

Eligibility Criteria

DIPLOMA or DEGREE Holders of the following can apply for the course:

  • Medical Science including Nursing, Dentistry and Veterinary Science
  • Life Sciences including Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Microbiology
  • MBA Graduates and other equivalent Management Professionals.
  • Pharmacy, Statistics & Graduates in any discipline.

Dietician Courses


Completion certificate will be given to all meeting the minimum requirements. Students clearing the exam will be awarded, "BASIC CERTIFIACATE IN DIET AND NUTRITION“.

Course Duration 6 Months
Sessions 24(4 hours each)
Lectures On Sunday
Course Fee Rs. 12000/-


  • Diet And Nutrition
    • Introduction of human body
    • Method of cooking
    • Nutrition in the life cycle
    • Exchange list
    • Menu planning
    • Tips of good counseling
    • Formate of diet plan
    • Height and weight of normal Indian Childers
    • Weight management
    • Nutrition for physical fitness and sports
  • Medical nutrition therapy
    • Nutrition in cardiovascular diseases
    • Nutrition in Hypertension
    • Nutrition in Diabetes Mellitus
    • Nutrition in Febrile ( Fever ) Disordes
    • Nutrition in Bone Disorders
    • Nutrition in Anemia
    • Nutrition in Gastrointestinal disorders
    • Nutrition in Liver Disorders
    • Nutrition in Pancreatic and Gall Bladder Disorders
    • Nutrition in Renal disorders
    • Nutrition in Endocrine Disorders

Corporate Training